Marichelle Evangelista Urquico is a 24-year old Filipino who is currently working as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (known as Medical Technologist in the Philippines) in California, USA. She likes to believe she is a pursuer of dreams, making her both enthusiastic about her goals and easily frustrated. Nevertheless, she’s always working on being more of the former. She can have the highest of expectations but then the littlest of things could also make her happy. Long drives, adventures, and fancy books are some of the things she relies on for felicity.



Why Musings Of A Wandering Wildflower? This personal blog was called such as it is all about a little wanderer’s late night contemplations and once in a while travels that she believes make her grow as a person. The purpose of the author in giving birth to this site is to mainly share her thoughts and photos to different readers online rather than live in the too prevailing world of social media.