Holiday weekend getaway (Arizona-Utah-Nevada)

Three girls.

Three days.

Three states..


As I get inside the car, start the engine and set the GPS, I ask, “So, where are we heading?” The answer I got was, “Arizona”. Where in Arizona? None of us knew…

The last few weeks of June haven’t been so good to me (at least that’s how I felt). I was down in the dumps, full of stress, if not drama, and thought it would be nice to start the second half of the year with a holiday staycation with my girls. I knew that in the event that I was confused and needed company, these two would let me drag them wherever I wanted to. With very little preparation and limited time though, we didn’t know where to go. The only thing we knew was that we were all craving adventure. We had a lot on our minds but we couldn’t find any available hotels near the places we were eyeing for. And then the beautiful Arizona has always been somewhere on our to-go list. Everyone advised us not to go at this time of the year since it’s going to be a million degrees.. but the weather didn’t stop us. We did last minute bookings for our flight, hotel reservations, car rental and boom! This trip happened.

This vacation is the very evidence that sometimes, you don’t really need an itinerary, just a brave heart that could endure all the driving, walking, and hiking! We loved long drives but hated being the driver. This time, though, we didn’t really have a choice but to take turns in driving. We took the road with scenic views and enjoyed it with good music (Spotify’s hugot playlist being the most played), witnessed the sunset and the sunrise and took pictures of the different colors of the sky. But the fun didn’t stop there because we also took a number of wrong turns, violated some traffic rules and got chased by cops. Hence the lyrics, we were reckless and we owned it, yeaahhh. Yeahhh. Haha!

During the entire trip, I tried not to go online because I feel like I’ve been facing my phone for the past 24 years. I wanted it to be a time I would spend with myself and with my friends, not with my social media accounts. It took a little bit of discipline to not post stories and photos but I did it anyway. Not having to view my notifications, messages and views every now and then, I got to enjoy more. I even planned on not taking photos at all just to remember what it feels like to live in the moment and not be pressured to have instagrammable shots, but I figured these moments didn’t deserve to just be unspoken memories. I ended up documenting almost the entire trip, albeit the best parts didn’t make it to this video. It only goes to show that the best moments always come as a bolt from the blue.

I wish we could’ve stayed a little longer and not have to go back to reality. Nevertheless, this mini vacation made me feel so much better. It didn’t only allow me to have fun. It made me appreciate life and all the things that come with it — good or bad. It may not have been what I expected, but this trip didn’t disappoint. This trip is all I needed.

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